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danielle and joe came by yestaday!! wahooo!! yea, and her boyfriend paul came too. i miss them soo much.. especially joe!! katherine says that danielle changed a lot, like if u hang out with her and stuff, you can tell that she is different, like she does stuff she would have never done before. i couldnt tell tho. katherine is probably right though. i trust her. i wouldnt be surprised. i hope i get to see them more tho, now that paul got his license or something- i think :)

finally// a goooood day!

today was really good tho. i woke up and went out in early morning service at seven thrirty, and then at nine i went to the kingdom ahll to help clean it. it was fun. than at one, i went to my guitar lesson, and then i went home, practiced my guitar for an hour, then went skateboarding. then my dad took me and my youngest sister maxine out to eat. so, it was a REALLY good daay.

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yea, so im pretty mad. this week hasnt been good and i wont say why, but .. it sucks. anyway, i just put job applications for Princes Hill Deli, Bugaboo Creek, Fantasy Land, and Peperonnis. maybe someone will CALL ME!!! .. cause i needa job~~
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i have been so busy with skateboarding and i was cooking rice and beef for almost 3 hrs. im so tired. im so bored with school, i just want it to be over. i will never ever appreciate it like some ppl say. school sux.. and thats that. no excuse.
anwyay, im exhausted and i just feel like crying. life is so unjust. i cant wait till the new system.

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i went out in service today b/c there was no school. the morning i went out with mikey. he is soo annoying in the morning. he wont stop whining and talking and ... omgosh. i was about to hit him. then in the afternoon, i went out with mikey, joe <3 lol, courtney, and carly. dude, the music was blasting as we left the hall and waas in the parking lot. we got like nothing done, as i expected anyway, but it was alright i guess. yolanda is having two baby boys!! wahooo!! dad aint feeling good. we have the meeting in a half hour so im out!
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awesome dayyy

TODAY WAS .... A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pep rally was today but jessica, me and alex were picked up by jess's grandmother. then, we dropped alex back at home and me and jessica went back to her place. we talked, sang, i skateboarded while she did math homework, found out courtney HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!!
then, when 6:30 came around, we went to sylvas house for a watchtower study ... it was soo encouraging. lets see, there were 14 ppl there::

1. me
2. jess
3. mikey
4. johnny
5. billy
6. courtney
7. carly
8. joe <3 lol
9. ethan
10. leah
11. jill
12. i think sara
13. lucus
14. ryan
yea, so it was fun. then after, we went outside and built a fire and chilled around it. good times, good times. o, and mikey tried to teach me some stuff on the skateboard <3....then, jess had to ruin by saying all this crap about how "sara" always made dirty looks and crap. yea, whatever. she is soo annoying. she had to ruin it. gimme a break
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we saw the Enos's today cause maxine was sleeping over their house and they are in Mass. it was fun. we went into a forest in the backyard. and then we had stake and potatoes and cookies. mm....food... lol
it was fun. awesome times. i went to TITOS today to pick up an application. they ask the stupidest questions- its unbeleivable.
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