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i think im going to apply for a job at TITOS, felicia works there and says that they are always looking for help. then courtney when i was getting off the bus, she was there out in service, says that kelly works at DANGELOS and they really need work. it would be cool to work with and get to know another JW. but i think TITOS would be more fun :)
yea and uh... i talked to paul moody on the bus, and he says he is now working at wendys!! OMG!!!! what is that?? are u joshing me?? yea, but anyway, come to find out, his uncle is the manager, so paul is going to talk to him and get him to let me work there.
whatever. we'll see what ends up happening. if it doesnt work out, then my eighth yr of summer fun in florida will happen. wahoo. yea, right tired. i have to go to bed. i feel gross. i need a shower. fun....:)
oo, and i skateboarded today, and showed my dad how i can do an OLLIE, and this woman and her kid walk by, and they are like "can we watch you for a while?"
so they watched me FOREVER..and i fell a few times, did a split, bruised my leg, scratched my knees, and got a hole in my pants...great.
peace out, time to take a visit to my bed...ym!
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