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i hate tenth grade. it sucks. i had lab today in bio and this kid is soo annoying, so i was talking to felicia from the other side of the room trying to block him out of my life, but hes so loud!! i was like "AHHHHH!!!" i was about to kill someone. lex wants me to add her to my myspace, so i might do that later.
god im tired. im going to target today so i can see if i can apply for a job, and i just found out that emilys ex just applied there the day i went in to get an application.
i have to work on my 8 famous ppl for spanish. i think ill do the lead singers frm fallout boy, linkon park, mae, mace, tbs, and i was thinking daphne loves derby too. idk. nobody is going to kno who they are, and my teacher is a phyco so i dont kno how this is going to work out...
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